Vision & Mission


Advancement of knowledge, skills, innovation and entrepreneurship in technology ecosystem(s) through teaching, practice and research.



Develop, maintain and nurture an enabling, peaceful, open and conducive environment for acquisition, development and dissemination of world-class knowledge in the disciplines of technology.

Acquire high quality resources, both physical and intellectual, in order to support innovation and entrepreneurship that can benefit the society on a local, regional, national and global scale. 

Foster collaborations and alliances with other educational institutions, businesses, social enterprises and any other individuals, groups or organizations in order to realize the stated objectives.

Promote importance and respect for merit and objective evaluation in every aspect of life at the university and beyond, and support the wellbeing of the faculty, students and staff ensuring that only the best achieves the most.

Create and maintain an environment at the University where diversity is considered as a strength and is given respect and value.