BS in Technology Management


The BS in Technology Management degree program connects your area of interest from amongst the technology disciplines offered at the PUT Rasul with an extensive training in Business Administration. This program aims at preparing graduates to take-up roles in businesses and industry as Technically Oriented Management Professionals who plan, direct, organize and control projects or operations in a variety of technical environments. In addition, the graduates desiring to start their own Entrepreneurial Ventures or planning to take-up succession in any family businesses will also find themselves adequately skilled and ready to do so.

Our technology management program aims at enhancing a student’s career prospects by combining marketable skills with proficiencies in management, leadership, analytics, communication and commerce with a reasonably broad know-how in a technical discipline of an individual’s liking.

With this combination a competitive edge is created over the common-place business degrees offered by many other institutions due to which our Technology Management Graduates are expected to find success in careers throughout many business sectors including but not limited to the ones listed below.

Although, this program has bright career prospects for all the students regardless of what background they come from but it may be much more suitable for those students who have earned a prior diploma or some other equivalent qualification in a technical discipline but, for their further education, they find themselves more interested in pursuing a career in business.

Technical areas of concentration, currently, available
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Information Technology

Structure of the study program

Technology management students will take courses in management, leadership, accounting, finance and marketing, as well as several other critical elements of business. In addition, they will choose a Technical Concentration, of their liking, and will take recommended number of undergrad level courses in that concentration.

Possible career choices

Technology Management graduates shall be professionally ready to take up careers such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supervisory positions
  • Sales and marketing
  • Product development
  • Public relations
  • Management both in projects and operations contexts

Minimum duration

Minimum duration allowed for completion of any of the Bachelor’s Degree Programs at the Punjab University of Technology Rasul is 8-Semesters (4-academic years).

Maximum duration

Maximum duration allowed for completion of any of the Bachelor’s Degree Programs at the Punjab University of Technology Rasul is 12-Semesters (6-academic years).

Who is eligible for admission?

Required minimum qualification

Required minimum marks

Acceptable entry test

·   DAE in any technology

·   FSc (Pre-Eng.)

·   FSc (Pre-Med with Add. Math.)

·   ICS or Equivalent as per IBCC Certificate

·   Minimum of 50% marks in SSC and

·   Minimum of 50% marks in DAE or HSSC etc.

·   SAT, or

·   ECAT Test by UET Lahore, or

·   Entry Test by PUT Rasul

Further information

For any further information regarding the BS Technology Management program or any other degree programs offered at the Punjab University of Technology Rasul please explore the relevant sections of the website and keep coming back as the information is being actively updated.