BS in Electrical Engineering Technology


Electrical engineering technology (EET) is an engineering technology discipline that implements and applies the principles of electrical engineering. It is a field of study which focuses on the applications of engineering and modern technology, rather than the theoretical. EET is a specialized discipline that has more focus on application, theory, and applied design, and implementation, while electrical engineering may focus more of a generalized emphasis on theory and conceptual design. It lies in the occupational spectrum between the craftsman and the engineer at the end of the spectrum closest to the engineer.

At PUTR, the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) integrates applied and hands-on learning with theoretical and conceptual curriculum. It provides a comprehensive study of electrical principles and practices with emphasis on the application of specific engineering techniques. It is a four-year dual degree program. which prepares students for application oriented engineering technology careers in power generation & distribution, electrical systems, automation systems, instrumentation and various other control systems. This program is designed to meet the transfer and continuing education needs of associate degree graduates in EET or other related disciplines as well as to address the industry needs for graduates with sound and current skills in Electrical Engineering Technology. Throughout the program, students will also gain experience in safety practices, safety standards and equipment, technical writing and CAD.


 The vision of Electrical Engineering Technology Department at Punjab University of Technology Rasul is to be a spearhead in creating and strengthening of intellectual and human capital in electrical engineering technology in order to advance the technological, economic, and social enrichment of the region and country.


The BS degree program in Electrical Engineering Technology is a dual degree program which offers a high-quality degree program that meets national and international standards of excellence. The mission is to provide a quality education in electrical engineering technology for our students to prepare them to respond to the needs and challenges of ever-changing world and to instill them with both theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, values, creativity and vision to become productive professional and to improve quality of life, and facilitate technology transfer for the benefit of the nation and the global community.


 The educational objectives of the Electrical Engineering Technology Program identify what we hope that our graduates will accomplish within a few years after graduation. The objectives of the Electrical Engineering Technology Program are to:
  • achieve positions of increased responsibility (technical and/or supervisory) within an organization in electrical or related fields by leveraging their Electrical Engineering Technology skills and knowledge;
  • address and solve complex technical problems related to power generation, distribution and utilization in the country which is facing power shortage.
  • countinue personal and professional growth by engaging in life-long learning; e.g., advanced education/degrees, professional development activities, and/or other career-appropriate options.
  • work effectively in teams and communicating effectively within the team and to the its clients.


 The program has a sound foundation of Mathematics and Physics, provides a variety of core courses to enable students to focus on applying current electrical engineering technology methods to the solution of technical problems. Graduates of engineering technology programs will use their math, science and engineering skills to design products and systems, install and maintain products, and provide a wide range of services, such as implementation of the design, testing, calibration and supervision of its operation. The program will provide graduates with the skills to perform entry-level roles in several industry disciplines, including power systems operation and protection, maintenance and commissioning, electrical machines, industrial and commercial design, power electronics, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

The department offers following dual degree program with Tianjin University of Sciences and Technology, China:

4BS Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Duration: Four Academic Years (4 Semesters)
  • Study System: Semester
  • Total Credit hours: 148


The Department of Electrical Engineering Technology has several well-equipped dedicated laboratories for relevant courses in Electrical Engineering and extensive practical nature of the program. In addition to this, department also has computing labs and other shared labs with other departments at PUTR.


  • Candidate having Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) in Electrical Engineering or relevant field, or F.Sc./Intermediate in Pre-Engineering, Seventy percent seats are dedicated to DAE students.
  • Valid Entry test score conducted by Higher Education Commission (HEC)/NTS.